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Italian gelato store opens in Hong Kong

Three Italian entrepreneurs today (8 October 2017) opened their flagship 3 ITALIANI store in Hong Kong, vowing to bring authentic Italian gelato, chocolate and espresso to Asia.

Italian gelato store opens in Hong Kong

Three founders of 3 ITALIANI, (from left) Mr Gianluca Gagliardi, gelato master Vincenzo Iannacone and Mr Massimo Gagliardi

The 2,000-square-foot store at the Ground Floor of Tower 535 in Causeway Bay was founded by brothers Mr Massimo Gagliardi and Mr Gianluca Gagliardi and gelato master Vincenzo Iannacone. Their new restaurant offers freshly crafted gelato, fine chocolate and coffee, amid a chilled, fun and social place for local gelato aficionados, according to its President and father of the duo, Mr Mauro Gagliardi.

He said, “My sons have travelled with me around Asia since a very early age and they have fallen in love with Asia, especially the very robust and metropolitan Hong Kong. In order to feel more at home and to bring an Italian food culture to Asia, they decided to open 3 ITALIANI in Hong Kong.”

He added, “Hong Kong is strategically located at the heart of Asia. That’s why we chose the city as our first store in the world and target to grow and expand by franchising with central procurement and supply chain activities, brand marketing and promotion, and quality management of food and services. We also plan to expand from here to Bangkok, Shanghai and Tokyo.”

Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion Dr Jimmy Chiang said, “Hong Kong is an international city with a large number of visitors from around the world. It is an excellent place for food brands to showcase their high-quality products to customers of the world.”


Founded by three Italians who have developed the most discerning taste for gelato since childhood, 3 ITALIANI offers 20 traditional Italian flavours and 10 Asian flavours of gelato, all freshly crafted and produced in-store in small quantities, with seasonal local fruits, fresh milk and cream and no artificial additives. The store also provides breakfast, waffles, fine chocolate and coffee. For more information, please visit

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