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Musk is also a serial entrepreneur of Paypal and Zip2. During
the session, Musk commented that “Hong Kong will have over
time the highest percentage of electric vehicles of any city in the
world and will serve as a model for high-density cities around
the world to transform to a sustainable transport future.”
Other speakers at the event included Cindy Chow, Executive
Director of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and founders such as
Eric Gnock Fah from Klook, Paul Tomes from PassKit, Kevin
Chan from Insight Robotics and Fritz Demopoulos from Queen’s
Road Capital. Also speaking were the Chairman and CEO of
Synergia One Group of Companies, Fred Mouawad; the Founder
and former CEO and Board Chairman of Super 8 Hotels, Mitchell
Presnick; and more.
In the closing remarks, Secretary for Commerce and Economic
Development, Gregory So, said, “The StartmeupHK Venture
Forum this year is truly amazing. A very special thank you to all
the speakers for your inspiring sharing on your success stories
and on the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong
Kong and around the world.”
The 2016 StartmeupHK Festival organised by InvestHK aims to
promote the city as one of the fastest growing start-up hubs in
the world. The week-long festival had drawn world-renowned
speakers and startup legends to share their insights, together with
over 20 start-up related conferences, seminars, competitions and
networking events in the city.
The signature event, StartmeupHK Venture Forum, was held on
26 January 2016 and attractedmore than 900 entrepreneurs
and investors fromHong Kong and overseas to attend the half
day event. In addition, the live webcast also attracted viewers
fromover 30 places around the world to witness this remarkable
occasion. Financial Secretary, John C Tsang, mentioned in the
opening remarks, “Hong Kong’s start-up scene has experienced
phenomenal growth in recent years, with nowmore than
1,500 startups in our city, increased by nearly 50 percent when
compared with 2014. These ventures are led by entrepreneurs,
investors, corporations, universities and Government.”
The highlight of the Forumwas the fireside chat with CEO of Tesla
Motors and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) ElonMusk.
StartmeupHKFestival Attracts Thousands
of Participants fromAround theWorld
The week-long StartmeupHK Festival took place from 23 to 30 January 2016
featured the signature event, InvestHK’s Startmeup HK Venture Forum.
Star of the showwas Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors
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