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A Breeding Ground for Innovation in Finance Industry

Thanks to Hong Kong’s sound regulatory framework and room for innovation, London-based finance and technology consultancy Capco plans further regional expansion through its regional headquarters here

The Capital Markets Company N.V. (Capco) is a global business and technology consultancy dedicated to the finance industry, specialising in capital markets, retail & commercial banking, digital regulatory compliance and technology.

A Breeding Ground for Innovation  in Finance Industry

Capco first came to Asia for one simple reason. “We followed a number of our global clients to come to Hong Kong, so that we can form a closer partnership and continue to serve them here,” said Neil Ramchandran, Managing Partner of Capco APAC. “Being the financial centre in Asia, Hong Kong is a natural hub for Capco to serve both global and local clients in the region, particularly in the banking sector,”

Set up in February 2014 with 4 employees, the Hong Kong office is Capco’s APAC regional headquarters and now has grown to over 400 staff in Hong Kong, which also manages other regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Mainland China, Singapore and Japan.

Ramchandran believes that Hong Kong has provided a fertile ground for Capco to grow. “The city is full of enthusiasm and energy for us to do new deals,” he said, “the HKSAR government is very open to new ideas, and they make changes to allow new payment structures.”

He added, “Hong Kong is well-structured, well-regulated, and at the same time gives room for innovation. It is a great breeding ground for innovation and talent, which fits what we are doing here.”

Since the Hong Kong office is established, Capco has already won significant regulatory compliance projects with tier one global investment banks that have a strong footprint in Asia. According to Ramchandran, the company is now looking to solidify their market share in Hong Kong while maintaining a diversified portfolio.

“We are now looking to penetrate deeper into the Hong Kong market where we already have presence, as well as to target international Chinese banks,” said Ramchandran. “Our short‑term focus here is to expand our client base, without affecting the service quality to our existing clients,” he said, adding that the company will also diversify the portfolio of its clientele, such as insurance companies.

Ramchandran said that InvestHK has been a long-term partner throughout their expansion journey. “InvestHK is always our first point of contact. I know that we can always come to them for any kind of support. It is a trusted intermediary to the government,” he remarked, “without InvestHK we probably would not have been what we are here today.”

Having been in Hong Kong for 3 years, Ramchandran thinks that it was the right decision to make the move to Hong Kong, both for the company and himself personally. “The company is very pleased to set up the regional headquarters in Hong Kong, and this decision has been one of the major reasons contributing to our success,” he said. “The city is very convenient and expat‑friendly; the integration between locals and expats is a big draw for foreigners.”

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Headquartered in London, Capco has offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and has over 4,000 employees across 23 offices worldwide
  • Established its Hong Kong office as the regional headquarters in February 2014, and has expanded from 4 staff to over 400 staff by early 2017

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