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A Work of Art

Specialised in private sales, Macey and Sons set up their headquarters in Hong Kong five years ago. Jonathan Macey, Founder and Chairman, was attracted by the vibe and energy of the city in the first place and people here are very hard working. Doing business is easy with a sophisticated logistics industry and a low tax regime.

A Work of Art

Macey and Sons has been proactive in acquiring artworks directly from both emerging and mid-career artists. They opened their first art gallery in Wanchai to service their clients in the primary and secondary art market. They moved to Central three years ago and by the end of 2016, they opened a second gallery – Lot88, an art gallery and event space that spans 2,500 sq. feet. Not only is the gallery filled with extraordinary artworks, it is also an event space that can hold different kinds of art and social events, such as art seminars, wine tasting and dinners etc. In addition, there is a private kitchen equipped in the space and guests can hire the space with private chef and butler provided. Macey explained that his goal is not just setting up a bigger art gallery but to build an art community with like-minded people.

According to Macey, Hong Kong has become an art hub with 42 auction houses and 94 galleries. “Hong Kong government has been promoting the art scene for Hong Kong and the city has been gearing itself right. There are more and more people getting involved in this industry. I believe in the next 5 to 10 years, the city could be the number one art hub in the world that takes over London, New York and Paris.”

At the moment, over 90 percent of their customers are locals aged around 25 to 40 as compared to five years ago, where majority of the customers were expatriates in their 50’s. This young clientele is interested in traditional painting, water colour and fine Chinese painting. Macey is pleased to see this shift in demography as this is where the future of the art market lies. “They will pass on their knowledge to their children and the children of their children,” he enthused. To cater for this changing market, Macey and Sons has hired more staff to manage the private sales and art gallery business. 70 percent of the team is local while Macey himself focuses on auctions and valuations.

InvestHK has been providing market information to Macey and Sons and invited their representatives to networking events so they can expand their circle of network.

Macey has just confirmed to rent another floor in the same building as an auction floor, taking up altogether three floors. “Hong Kong gives you that opportunity to be ambitious and grow your business from here,” he concluded.

Monday, July 10, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Macey and Sons established their headquarters in Hong Kong offering art advisory, private sales and valuations.
  • Recent expansion to occupy three floors of space which include an art gallery and event space, an auction floor, and office space

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