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An Innovative Approach to Bakery, Patisseries and Chocolate

Puratos, a long established Belgian bakery, patisserie and chocolate ingredients company founded in 1919, expands its Hong Kong operations to foster business development in the region

Puratos recently opened its Asia Development Centre in Kwun Tong with an investment of nearly USD 500,000 which offers a platform for innovation across the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors. The new center serves three main functions for the company: R&D center that conducts research and development on new technology/products, application in the bakery workshop, secondly the regional headquarters managing the Asia Pacific region from marketing to finance, human resources to operations and thirdly the headquarters of the Puratos Hong Kong.

An Innovative Approach to Bakery, Patisseries and Chocolate

“The company is experiencing a double-digit growth in Asia. The Hong Kong bakery scene is very dynamic with a lot of food lovers and more than 56 million visitors a year. We selected Hong Kong as our regional base because Hong Kong is an Asian business and innovation hub as well as a strategic market that leads bakery, patisserie and chocolates trends in the region,” Peter Deriemaeker, Markets Director Asia, Pacific, Middle East, Africa said.

Puratos’ clients in Hong Kong vary from small to big bakeries, coffee shops, hotels to industrial and food services companies. With a presence in 15 countries and more than 30 years of experience in the region, Deriemaeker commented that their operations in Mainland China, Japan and southeast Asia are substantial, with further room to grow in other places. The company will continue to invest and to create new capacity, production lines and customer innovation centers.

Deriemaeker expressed that Hong Kong is an easy place to do business, “The city is easily accessible and without much visa restriction. With its sophisticated transportation system, it provides a perfect logistics platform and an excellent airport network which are beneficial to our business.”

The Puratos Asia development center is staffed by an international team with mostly Asian members. They continue to work with local universities to look for food science talent. In this regard, Deriemaeker found it easy to find good people in Hong Kong thanks to its well-established education system.

Deriemaeker moved to Hong Kong three years ago and enjoyed the very vibrant city life. “It is an ideal place for people with an active working life,” he concluded.

Friday, May 19, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Founded in Belgium in 1919, Puratos is an international group that offers innovative bakery, patisserie and chocolate ingredients solutions
  • Invested USD 500,000 to develop the Asia Development Centre in Hong Kong which also serves as the regional headquarters

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