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B+H Architects Brings CHIL to Asia through Hong Kong

The Canadian design firm hopes to meet growing demand from the hospitality sector in the region with a dedicated team based in Hong Kong

Award-winning full-service design firm from Canada, B+H Architects, opened its office in Hong Kong in 2013, and has recently introduced its hospitality interior design brand, CHIL Interior Design, to Hong Kong to take things to the next stage.

B+H Architects Brings CHIL to Asia through Hong Kong

Originally founded in 1974, CHIL has a studio in Vancouver that has served many notable hotel clients. Catherine Siu, Executive Director, Asia of B+H Architects (Hong Kong, hoped to mirror the success story in this part of the world, with Hong Kong continuing to be B+H’s regional headquarters.

According to Siu, a lot of global hotel operators have regional offices, if not regional headquarters, here in Hong Kong. And within a three hours’ flight path, the firm can cover the whole region. Hong Kong has a well-developed legal system and, most importantly, it attracts a lot of talent.

To facilitate the studio’s growth in Hong Kong, CHIL has recently recruited Lian Miew Ching from Singapore as Design Director, Asia of the brand.

“CHIL has got the best of both worlds. It is essentially a boutique interior design company, but with the benefit of the network of support and expertise from a large established organisation,” Lian said.

“The Hong Kong design scene is just so vibrant and exciting. The energy and work ethic in Hong Kong are most remarkable. It is such a breath of fresh air.”

B+H is also experienced in the design of retail and corporate spaces, alongside healthcare and architectural projects. The varied range of expertise enables the company to tackle mixed-use developments consisting of hotels, offices and retail spaces at the same time.

B+H has studios in four North American cities, one in the Middle East, and five others in the rest of Asia. CHIL is supported by the Vancouver and Hong Kong offices, with projects divided roughly along geographical lines. But Lian stressed that the staff members on two sides work closely together.

“Having Asian experience helps us a lot with our Asian clients because we understand implicitly what their points of reference are, and it helps us work with our talented designers in Vancouver to bridge that cultural gap,” she said.

The Hong Kong office of B+H is staffed with multilingual project managers capable of serving English-, Cantonese- and Putonghua-speaking clients. The company has also recently won a hospitality project in Seoul, Korea.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • A hospitality design brand under B+H Architects
  • Founded in 1974 and recently introduced to Hong Kong
  • Supported by hospitality designers in the Hong Kong and Vancouver offices

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