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Bringing Luxury Outlet Shopping Experience to Hong Kong

Italian outlet developer RDM Fingen Group opened a 60,000-square-foot luxury brand outlet in Kwai Chung luring locals and visitors alike

A new shopping destination Florentia Village recently opened in Hong Kong, offering bargains from the high-end luxury brands. Developed by the Italian RDM Fingen Group, this 60,000-square-foot outlet situates in KC100 complex in Kwai Hing in the west of New Territories. Florentia Village features outlet shops of top international brands like Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace and Kenzo, to name a few.

Bringing Luxury Outlet Shopping Experience to Hong Kong

The outlet primarily targets the local market, but also eyes both international and Mainland Chinese visitors. “With a good collection of brands at a bargain price, the outlet will be very attractive to Hong Kong people,” said Maurizio Lupi, Managing Director of Florentia Village and RDM Asia. “We are looking to become a benchmark for the luxury market in Hong Kong.”

RDM has been developing its outlet business in Italy since 1998, and has developed five major luxury outlets in the country in partnership with McArthurGlen Group. In 2011, the group opened its first Mainland China outlet in Tianjin under the name “Florentia Village”, a brand that was created strategically for the Asian markets.

“Hong Kong is always on the first ranking of our desire of investing,” said Jacopo Mazzei, Chairman and CEO, “what we are building now is very well-integrated into our overall strategy, and well-suited in serving our brand clients’ need.”

“We use an attentive approach to fit the needs of the brands as much as possible,” Lupi revealed, adding that they work side-by-side with their brand clients to think of strategy to maximise profits in an outlet context where their expertise lies.

With extensive business experience in Europe and Mainland China, Lupi finds it fairly simple to start and run a company in Hong Kong. “Our partners and organisations like InvestHK are very proactive in assisting us and providing information; such support is very important for a business owner.” Lupi said.

He also added that majority of the directors in outlet locations are from Hong Kong, “it is very easy to find talent in Hong Kong. They are highly motivated, skilled and educated with exposure to international culture.”

With the recent opening of the outlet in Hong Kong, RDM’s goal is to boost the footfall by launching promotion and social media campaigns, as well as partnership with corporates and tourism partners. They will also continue to expand Florentia Village’s footprint in Mainland China with new outlets in Wuhan and Chengdu in the pipeline.

Friday, July 7, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Founded in Italy in 1998, the company has developed five most significant outlets in Europe and three in Mainland China locating in Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou
  • Opened Florentia Village Outlet in Hong Kong in spring 2017, covering 60,000 square feet with high-end designer brands, such as exclusive, first outlets of Sergio Rossi, Kenzo, Links of London, Versace, as well as the largest Prada in Greater China, to name a few

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