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Bringing Swiss Innovation to Asian Home Living

Home appliance specialist V-ZUG from Switzerland hopes to use Hong Kong as the launch pad to Asia

Swiss home appliance specialist V-ZUG recently set up the first ZUGORAMA showroom for Hong Kong in Causeway Bay, allowing visitors get to see for themselves how Swiss technology can improve home living.

Bringing Swiss Innovation  to Asian Home Living

Alberto Bertoz, Managing Director Greater China, said Hong Kong is not only an important market in itself, but is also a trendsetter in the region and being here brings visibility to the brand. “Hong Kong has had, and we believe will continue to have, a ‘lighthouse effect’ in the region. No luxury brand with a success story in Asia is without a success story in Hong Kong.”

Dozens of events have been held at the showroom, which consists of a living room and a dining area with an open kitchen, to demonstrate to developers and potential consumers the results the lines of high-tech kitchen equipment are able to produce. Adjacent to the showroom is an office where staff take care of sales and marketing, customer service and support, as well as management and finances of the company’s Greater China operations.

“Now that our showroom is set up and ready, it will complement the service of kitchen dealers that possess the level of taste and experience to understand, discern and propose the brand and the products for their value,” Bertoz said.
Now with showrooms in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, V-ZUG is well positioned to focus on establishing itself in Greater China in the next two years, before expanding to other parts of Asia.

Bertoz emphasised that V-ZUG does not merely export products overseas, but it’s more about addressing customers’ needs with Swiss technology, whatever market it may be.

The company has also introduced to the city the V-ZUG Gourmet Academy, which helps customers make purchasing decisions through regular events and activities. The chef at Hong Kong’s Gourmet Academy is discovering how to prepare Chinese recipes through the brand’s tradition of attention to detail and Swiss perfection.

“I personally cooked pork belly for my friends prepared with the V-ZUG Combi-Steam oven, which takes 72 hours at 62 degrees Celsius. After it was set up, the whole cooking process was automated. The dish was ready to serve after three days of slow-cooking. This cooking process seemed complicated, but it was actually very simple and it produced an outstanding result. Everybody was amazed,” Bertoz said.

The oven, he furthered, is also able to achieve crispiness and the golden colour desired in many traditionally fried dishes in Chinese cuisine such as “spring rolls”, through the precise distribution of humidity and heat, but without deep-frying. But taking note of the importance the local cuisine places on specific preparation techniques, V-ZUG has developed a line of gas hobs available only for the Asian market.

Other key products introduced to Hong Kong by V-ZUG include the Refresh Butler, which according to the company, is a revolution in fabric care that de-creases, sanitises and dries delicate garments through the world-exclusive photocatalysis process coupled with steam technology. It reduces the need for dry-cleaning, which involves chemicals harsh on fabrics.

Bertoz relocated to Hong Kong with his family last year and has been enjoying his new home. “It’s very vibrant and dynamic, and there’s a lot of business going on. But in just 20 minutes, you can be in the middle of nowhere with a lot of green. There’s no other city like it,” he said.

Friday, March 17, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Set up the first showroom in Hong Kong at the end of 2016
  • Developed a line of gas hobs exclusively for the Asian market
  • Plans to focus on establishing itself in Greater China in the next two years

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