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UK-based University College of Estate Management opens its Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong to meet rising demand for built environment education

University College of Estate Management (UCEM), formerly known as The College of Estate Management, opened its Asia Pacific Headquarters in Hong Kong in 2016. Established in 1919, UCEM provides high quality online distance learning in the Built Environment. It has over 3,500 students from approximately 100 countries benefiting from its degree programmes taught by industry professionals.

Build Your Future Through Supported Online Education

Programmes offered by UCEM are property-related online courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. By being delivered online, these courses are easily accessible, offer flexibility to be studied around other commitments and are more cost-effective. All programmes are accredited or recognised by leading professional bodies including RICS, CIOB, HKIS and HKICM.

Ashley Wheaton, Principal, said that Hong Kong is UCEM’s largest market outside the UK, accounting for a significant number of international students enrolled. The city’s thriving real estate and construction industry leads to a rising demand for property-related education and accreditation. With a long history of providing its courses to students in Hong Kong, UCEM saw an opportunity to invest further in this specific market and set up an APAC headquarters here to provide local and regional support.

“Hong Kong was the obvious choice to be our Asia Pacific headquarters as it is strategically located as a key business hub in the region,” said Wheaton, “With its central location, Hong Kong has a very vibrant economy that owes much to its well-educated and adaptable workforce.

“In terms of construction and built environment industry, Hong Kong has a strong reputation over the years for quality high-rise apartment buildings and office towers. The adoption of specialised construction techniques, such as reclamation and design-and-build methods, has also made the city a leader in the region,” he explained.

With its current staff in Hong Kong focusing on marketing and sales initiatives to raise the awareness of UCEM, the university is also planning to add non-sales roles to provide more support to their students here and the Asia Pacific region.

Along UCEM’s development in Hong Kong, InvestHK has provided marketing and publicity support, as well as networking opportunities.

Wheaton finds Hong Kong a great place to do business, “Hong Kong is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city which welcomes organisations such as UCEM with an established reputation and an international outlook,” he said.

Friday, September 1, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1919, University College of Estate Management is a leading provider of online distance learning for the Built Environment
  • Set up its Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong in 2016

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