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Building Bridges between Businesses and Innovators

Agorize helps businesses to innovate and identify the best talent by connecting them with a global community of 5 million innovators

Agorize specialises in organising open innovation challenges for large companies to crowdsource the best solution to their business problems. It offers an online platform to tailor-make innovation competitions and business challenges dedicated for a target audience (startups, students, IT profiles or even employees)

Building Bridges between Businesses and Innovators

After helping talent from over 145 countries, Agorize’s ambition is to bring its vision to Asia. “Our aim in Asia is clear: we want to be a driving force for innovation, bringing businesses and talent together. It’s an aim that takes on its full meaning when you look at the region’s dynamic approach to innovation and, above all, the unbelievable number of innovators here. Asian businesses have fully grasped this fact, and already more than 68 percent of them have a dedicated open innovation team, which presents a fantastic opportunity for Agorize Asia,” Mathieu Toulemonde, CEO Agorize Asia, said.

“The dynamics and freshness of Hong Kong is beyond appealing. The city is a great middle ground for developing business in Asia considering how close it is to Mainland China, one of the largest markets in the world. After only a few months of activities in Hong Kong, we have already landed key clients including leading companies such as BNP Paribas Cardif, Société Générale, Hong Kong Science Park, Pernod Ricard, OnePlus, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club,” he added.

Agorize acts as the missing link between companies who are seeking out innovation and talent, and innovators (i.e. students, startups, developers and employees) who are looking to share their ideas and help businesses to succeed. Given the increasing importance of innovation in the businesses’ strategy, the demand for open innovation platforms is almost unlimited in the region.

The company currently has six staff focusing on business development, communications and marketing. It is planning to expand the team to ten by the end of this year.

In this regard, Mathieu finds the talent pool in Hong Kong amazing, just like the general atmosphere in the city. “People are multi-talented, aspirational, hard-working and result-driven. This is exactly the right place to build our team and skyrocket our business,” he said.

Agorize has worked with Hong Kong Science Park and a couple of incubators based in Hong Kong. “It is obvious that the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong is growing very rapidly. Our suggestion to new comers would be: don’t be afraid to take risks, think out of the box and hire local talent to make it happen” he said.

Mathieu loves the city for its great number of business opportunities and a diverse cultural environment. He also appreciates the support from InvestHK. Charles d’haussy, Head of FinTech, has facilitated one of the FinTech challenges that Agorize has successfully launched with BNP Paribas Cardif.

Agorize has recently won the KStartup challenge organised by the Korean government. It was selected as the best 50 startups out of 1,515 startups from 118 countries and will open its second office in Asia in Seoul in September.

Friday, December 29, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Offices in Paris, San Francisco, Stuttgart and Hong Kong
  • Six staff in Hong Kong office

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