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The cafe has opened five branches in Hong Kong since 2008 to spread authentic Italian coffee and culinary culture in the city

Caffè Pascucci is a long established cafe chain originated from Italy. There are around 500 branches around the world, including 413 branches in Korea. First launched in Hong Kong in 2008, locally based Italian businessman Mario Assuero Barbagli introduced not just another neighbourhood cafe but an authentic Italian one that brings a range of sophisticated Italian dessert coffee and Tuscan cuisine to the community.

Caffè Pascucci Brews an Authentic Italian Flavour

“When I first met the owner of Caffè Pascucci in 2008, I immediately fell in love with the brand. I was very impressed with the concept and their persistence in maintaining high quality coffee,” Mario Assuero Barbagli, Managing Director, Star Cup Ltd, said.

Sharing Italian Specialty Coffee Culture

Opening the first two Caffè Pascucci in 2008 in Wanchai and Mong Kok, Barbagli introduced 75 specialty coffees to customers and all of the recipes were created by Caffè Pascucci’s champion barista trainer Eddy Righi in Italy. He travelled to every new Caffè Pascucci around the world to explain the coffee concept to staff, provide training and ensure all recipes and formulas are followed through. Therefore, customers can enjoy the large variety of gourmet coffee and traditional Italian cuisine in Hong Kong. The third branch located in Hong Kong Plaza (Western district) is a combination of a coffee bar and an Italian restaurant bringing an authentic Italian dining experience to the community. The fourth branch is situated in the Kowloon Commerce Centre, an office complex in Kwai Chung which is an ideal place to offer premium coffee to office workers. The fifth branch is situated in Discovery Bay. Caffè Pascucci has employed over 20 staff in Hong Kong and also brought in chefs from Italy to ensure quality is well maintained.

“Hong Kong people are very open-minded to food and beverage culture from around the world, hence giving us the opportunity to share our passion of Italian coffee culture with this city,” Barbagli said.

“When I had the idea to open a cafe in Hong Kong, I was introduced to Stefano de Paoli, InvestHK’s representative in Italy. I’m very fortunate to have the Hong Kong team to assist me all the way to launch my first cafe in this city. They not only provide valuable advice and connect me to the right government departments, they always go the extra mile to help me solve the problems and their efficiency is something that I really appreciate,” he concluded.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • An Italian cafe established in Hong Kong and opened five branches since 2008
  • All dessert coffee recipes are created by Caffè Pascucci’s champion Italian barista and all the staff have to go through training by the barista

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