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Capital Markets Take to the Cloud

Increasing demand for cloud computing services from financial firms underpin the recent success of Hundsun Technologies

The increasing popularity of the internet and smartphones has seen the financial industry put more emphasis on technology applications and financial innovation. Hundsun Technologies Inc, the only Mainland Chinese financial software enterprise to join the top 100 global financial technology (FinTech) companies for consecutive years, is riding on this trend, helping financial organisations upgrade and move their systems onto the cloud as part of their development plan in Hong Kong.

Capital Markets Take to the Cloud

“Financial markets are rapidly changing, flooded with tonnes of information. But the secret weapons are big data, cloud computing and mobility. Together these technologies can allow effective grasp of information, lower clients’ trading risk, reduce operating costs, enhance customer interaction and experience, increase information sharing and matching opportunities, and facilitate the setting up of new business quicker,” Guan Xiaolan, Vice President, Hundsun Technologies Inc, said.

The story of Hundsun setting foot in Hong Kong all began more than a decade ago when the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx) invited Hundsun via Bank of China International to provide a core trading system to link up the stock markets of Hong Kong and Mainland China. Hundsun Hong Kong was established in 2003 and set about studying and designing the core trading system for the Hong Kong market. The official implementation of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect in November 2014 provided Hong Kong and Mainland investors with mutual stock market access with Mainland investors able to trade eligible Hong Kong-listed stocks directly, and vice versa. This is bringing new opportunities for Hundsun in Hong Kong as well as for the industry. “The transaction system enabling Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect is the result of our long-term technological research but it is only the beginning. For our next step, we wish to connect Mainland investors with the stock exchanges in the US direct and to further perfect the platform,” Guan said.

Leveraging Hong Kong’s International Practices

“As a FinTech solution provider, we have to respond to our customers’ needs swiftly. Hong Kong is an excellent testing field for our financial technologies and platforms before we expand overseas. The city is an international financial centre with extensive global coverage and business diversity. A presence in Hong Kong allows us to understand clients’ needs and connect to international best practices and regulations,” Guan added.

Over the past 20 years, Hundsun has successfully grown from eight engineers to over 5,000, with 80 percent involved in software development and service support, to tailormake one-stop solutions and services for financial organisations including securities, banks, funds, futures, trusts, insurance and private equity and wealth management tools for individual investors. Guan attributed the success to the company’s dedication to R&D. “We have not changed our FinTech focus since our establishment in 1995. Two decades of experience and expertise are reflected in Hundsun’s growth history and customer satisfaction,” Guan said. Hundsun’s transaction system now handles nearly half of the trading of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges in the Mainland.

To cope with its business needs, Hundsun is actively seeking high calibre candidates in the dual disciplines of software engineering and finance. InvestHK approached Hundsun proactively to offer visa application assistance, talent information and publicity support to help the company raise its profile in Hong Kong as it has expanded. “We are grateful for InvestHK’s ongoing support, and will continue to focus on understanding clients’ requirements in Hong Kong and overseas,” Guan concluded.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Fast Facts

  • Established in Hangzhou in 1995
  • Listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Annual sales turnover of RMB2 billion

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