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Connect to the World from Hong Kong

Riding on the advantages of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold Connect and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, Vpower Finance Security (HK) Limited aims to expand into new markets and develop a diversified range of secured transportation services within this region

Being the first professional security transportation company from the Mainland China to set up substantial operations from inception in Hong Kong, Vpower Finance Security (HK) Limited provides cross-border armoured transportation encompassing security and point-to-point manned security services on cash and a range of valuable items in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Its parent company, Shenzhen Vpower Finance Security Co. Ltd, was founded in 1997 and was the first security transportation company designated by the People’s Bank of China under its pilot scheme.

Connect to the World from Hong Kong

Since its establishment in Hong Kong, Vpower sees a positive growth in their business. They have also strengthened cooperation with other local and international industry players to expand global secured transportation services for sending and repatriation of RMB, HKD and other foreign currencies as well as precious metals and diamond and jewellery.

According to Li Xiaofeng, Executive Director, the business opportunities available in the Greater Bay Area were a key factor for the company’s decision to set up an office in Hong Kong. “The Greater Bay Area development has accelerated economic integration between Hong Kong and the region and this helps to further expand more business opportunities for Hong Kong,” he said.

“Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest financial centres. It is also a major trading and logistics hub and the world’s freest economy,” he added, “having a presence in Hong Kong will undoubtedly benefit our expansion into overseas markets.”

Li also stated that the demand for RMB has increased in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world, and Hong Kong is the world’s largest offshore RMB centre. Together with a steady demand for cash processing and transportation services between Mainland China and Hong Kong, VPower eyes a great potential in this market especially because there is no well-established Chinese-owned international security transportation in Mainland China yet.

Thanks to the recently launched Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold Connect scheme, Vpower has tapped into this new business opportunity and has been appointed as the official secured logistics service provider for warehouse management, delivery and secured transportation of gold, silver and other precious metals under the scheme. Vpower’s long-term goal is to provide a diversified range of security services and become a leading cross-border and global secured transportation services company in Asia.

Li said that Hong Kong is the ideal location for many multinational companies as the city is located in the heart of Asia and has a simple low-rate tax regime, world-class infrastructure, transparency and open market access. It is also home to a large local and international talent pool.

VPower currently employs approximately 100 staff in Hong Kong. According to Li, the company’s medium-term plan of expansion is to double the number of employees in Hong Kong.

“Invest Hong Kong has provided substantial support in marketing and networking opportunities. The support we’ve received from the government has boosted our confidence for our future development in the city,” he concluded.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Fast Facts

  • Appointed official secured logistics service provider for warehouse management, delivery and security transportation of gold, silver and other precious metals under the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Gold Connect scheme
  • Has approximately 100 employees and 30 vehicles for local and cross-border security transportation of valuable goods

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