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Digital Multi-Therapy Platform that Transcends Geographical Borders

By developing cutting edge technologies, Caspar Health creates stronger connection and more intensive interaction between therapists and the patients.

Headquartered in Berlin, Caspar has developed software which for the first time allows for all essential components of the therapeutic treatment and communications to be continued on a digital basis and guarantees persistent therapeutic progress. Therapists can now create individual training plan through Caspar’s web-app or mobile-app, which is configured according to the patient’s personal need. The patient does not necessarily have to go to the therapy facility or clinic anymore to seek advice, as this can be done online. Therapy formats and training programmes can be implemented from home via Caspar and complemented by videos from their library. Also, patients can rate the exercise, note the progress and discuss the result with their therapists.

Digital Multi-Therapy Platform that Transcends Geographical Borders

Hong Kong is the first rollout of Caspar in Asia. According to Max von Waldenfels, Managing Director, Hong Kong provides the best know-how in the field of rehabilitation. “Our partnership with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the government-driven initiative for tele-medicine solutions and the eagerness of many medical facilities to become digital have enabled us to operate at the forefront of medical disruption.”

Caspar aims to work with the best medical facilities in the field of rehabilitation in Hong Kong to showcase the effectiveness of their tele-medicine solution and to help their partners in offering digital services to their clients. In the long run, the company hopes to provide what they are offering in Europe i.e. everyone can have access to first class medical know-how, regardless of time and location.
At the moment, Caspar has a team of four in their Hong Kong office and plans to hire four more this year to handle sales and business development as part of the rollout plan in Hong Kong, Singapore and Mainland China.

When comparing the business environment in Hong Kong, Waldenfels feels that Hong Kong has a service-oriented economy where people are dynamic and act fast. As a result, Caspar has been able to set up easily in the city and met people who inspire and support the team in reaching their goals.

Caspar first got in touch with InvestHK’s Berlin office and after the Caspar team arrived in the city, the Hong Kong head office staff continued to offer support and assistance. “The team offers highly personalised support, especially in helping us with crucial issues, such as business visa and establishing our local network,” Waldenfels concluded.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Headquartered in Berlin and Hong Kong is the first overseas office
  • Develop online multi-therapy platform that allows therapists to create individual training plan that is configured according to patient’s personal need

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