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Dow Jones Brings Content Marketing and Thought Leadership into a New Era

With the evolving trends of the publishing industry, Dow Jones set up the Hong Kong WSJ. Custom Studios to provide clients the opportunities to reach a coveted audience of global decision makers with trustworthy content

The regional headquarters of Dow Jones in Hong Kong has been operating for a very long time and publishing the Asia edition of The Wall Street Journal for over 40 years. In response to the changing nature of the publishing industry, particularly in relation to print decline and subsequently the evolved need of advertising clients, the group established WSJ. Custom Studios nine years ago as the content marketing arm and set up the Hong Kong team in 2014.

Dow Jones Brings Content Marketing and Thought Leadership into a New Era

“Hong Kong is the regional headquarters for Dow Jones given the city is at the epicenter of regional finance, economics, politics, technology clients and conversations. WSJ. Custom Studios Asia was set up here to work alongside our newsroom and business activities and support all APAC markets from here,” Nicole Bales, Director, Asia Pacific, Integrated Marketing & WSJ. Custom Studios said.

To leverage on the wide spectrum of business offerings of the Dow Jones group, WSJ. Custom Studios work closely with many other teams to provide an array of services for clients ranging from strategy and consultancy, to integrated content solutions that can span across print, digital, and custom events with curated speakers and programmes. “WSJ. Custom Studios is committed to building diverse partnership solutions that deliver results for our valued client partners in the Asia region,” Bales added.

“Hong Kong is the centre of finance and business decisions in the region, particularly with the proximity and relationship with Mainland China,” Bales added, “The city provides an easy environment for setting up a business. It is a natural choice for us to be based here as an extension to the well-established Dow Jones entity.”

With a team of seven full time marketing and content specialists in the Asia region, they work on ideation, design, editorial, research, project management and delivery. Bales found that recruitment for talents is relatively easy as Dow Jones is an international news organisation and Hong Kong is the Asian hub for many multinational companies with a mobile talent pool.
Looking ahead, Bales sees content marketing and thought leadership as a growth area of their business and is already planning to expand in the coming year.

Other than a great place to work with excellent career opportunities, Bales thinks the city is also an exciting place to live. “The great food scene and the healthy lifestyle with diverse hiking and trails make the city a lively place to explore,” she concluded.

Friday, July 7, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Dow Jones established the Hong Kong WSJ. Custom Studios in 2014
  • Provides an array of services for clients including strategy and consultancy, branded content, mobile, programmatic, high impact display, video, and events

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