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Every Beer Tells a Story

Local craft beer brand Moonzen, which means “Door Guardians” in Chinese, has opened a new chapter by moving into a bigger manufacturing facility

The couple Michele and Ladislao Raphaël founded Moonzen Brewery and launched their craft beer in 2014. It now offers six locally brewed beers to the Hong Kong market. Inspired by the Chinese folklore Moonzen, represent spiritual guardians of entrances and good luck, now the couple hopes to celebrate the Chinese culture, community and craftsmanship through their craft beer.

Every Beer Tells a Story

Two years ago when Ladislao Raphaël, Founder and Brewmaster, decided to create a Hong Kong brewed beer, he saw a market potential in the community as the locals are keen to look for something that is made and produced locally. “It is straightforward to start a business in Hong Kong. Thanks to the free trade port and easy custom procedures, these help us in importing ingredients cost effectively and efficiently,” Raphaël said.

Every Moonzen beer is named after a Chinese mythology god such as Moon Goddess Chocolate Stout and Monkey King Amber Ale. Their flagship Thundergod Ale won the “Best Pale Ale” and “Best Hong Kong Produced Beer” in the Hong Kong International Beer Awards 2014 while the Jade Emperor IPA won a Bronze Award in the Asia Beer Cup 2015. Available in bars, restaurants and hotels, the brand attracts locals and visitors who are interested in exploring Chinese culture.

Celebrate Chinese Culture in the Community

Raphaël finds that Hong Kong people are very receptive to new things and he is planning to launch more tastes with flavours from different Mainland provinces such as Sichuan style beer using spices and Fujian style beer with pomelo. In addition, they collaborate with local artists and Chinese calligraphers to design special beer editions in order to promote local culture, support local young artists and engage with the community.

Originated from Mexico and having lived in the city for seven years, Raphaël feels welcomed by the city’s cosmopolitan culture and expat friendly environment. Also, it is easy to get around by the comprehensive transportation system.

Monday, October 3, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • Launched its first Hong Kong brewed craft beer in 2014
  • Offers six beers available in bars, restaurants and hotels

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