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Finnish Design Graces Asia’s Homes

Fiskars sets up a regional headquarters for its centuries-old consumer business

Founded in 1649 in Finland, Fiskars takes pride in its heritage of design dating back 366 years ago. Today, Fiskars’ vibrant spirit of design, craftsmanship and creativity enrich people’s everyday lives, introducing iconic Scandinavian items for homes and gardens.

Finnish Design Graces Asia’s Homes

“We have chosen to set up our regional headquarters here in Hong Kong because of its well-structured business environment, availability of well-trained talent, and close proximity to major markets such as Mainland China, Japan and Korea. The regional office in Hong Kong plays a pivotal role in driving our business to the next level with a local understanding of the dynamics of Asian markets,” Matteo Gaeta, President, Business Region Asia Pacific of Fiskars said.

Co-ordinating and maintaining the consistency of brand strategy, and providing immediate feedback on the needs of Asian customers, are also crucial roles played by the Hong Kong regional office.

Fiskars has an extensive portfolio encompassing a wide variety of products and brands, ranging from coloured-glass and ceramic products to tableware, as well as functional products like the iconic orange Fiskars scissors, garden tools and cookware. All these offer practical solutions with timeless design for the home. The company believes in quality, functionality, durability and aesthetics, and wishes to share these concepts and important values with the rest of the world.

The core brands for the Asia-Pacific markets are Iittala, Royal Copenhagen and Fiskars. In order to cater to the specific needs and culture of the Asian market, products like miso soup bowls, rice bowls, fish plates and chopstick-holders are designed with Asia eating customs in mind.

Fiskars has recently completed the acquisition of WWRD which includes brands such as Wedgwood, Waterford, Royal Albert and Royal Doulton. With the addition of these strong brands, Fiskars becomes one of the global leading companies in premium tableware and home décor. Fiskars employs 13 staff in its Hong Kong regional office and is looking to increase the headcount to 20 by the end of 2015 in order to better support its expanding businesses in the region.

Matteo has been living in Hong Kong for the past seven years, and continues to uncover interesting ideas as he experiences the city’s ever-changing landscape. “It is great to live and work in a place as vibrant and as dynamic as Hong Kong. It is also a business-friendly city for foreign investment, and the rapidly moving consumer market brings continuous challenges,” Matteo said.

He also appreciates the help from InvestHK. “InvestHK has introduced us to interesting connections and offered support in expatriate relocations. They also provided feedback whenever we needed them. All in all, a very positive experience and a great team to work with,” Matteo concluded.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

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Fast Facts

  • Founded in Finland in 1649
  • Develops new solutions and designs applied in unexpected ways
  • Provides superior, timeless design solutions for home living

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