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From Engineering to World-Class User Experience

Radius evolves from a precision engineering service firm to a user-centric product development one in Hong Kong, offering end-to-end services in the areas of user research, design, development and manufacturing implementation

Radius is a global innovation and product development company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with additional locations in Chicago, Hong Kong, Shanghai and recently opened San Jose in the Silicon Valley. Radius creates unique product solutions which enhance people’s lives, create meaningful product experiences and increase brand loyalty, and services in diverse market segments, including healthcare, FMCG packaging, industrial, consumer electronics and emerging technologies. Radius recently moved from Tsing Yi to a 7,000-square-meter office at Hong Kong Science Park’s newly opened Phase 3 and considers Hong Kong a strategic location to provide solutions for leading multinational, local and emerging companies in the region.

From Engineering to World-Class User Experience

“The advantage of Radius is our ability to pull together talent from our five global offices to work on a project best suited to the client’s needs and product requirements. Since Hong Kong is very close to major manufacturing hubs in Mainland China, we are able to move our conceptual designs to production much faster while minimising risks and cost. With an office in Hong Kong Science Park, commuting to the China border takes only 30 minutes!” Ko said.

In Search of “Hybrids”

As more companies think global, the importance of understanding the consumer needs across different geographies, particularly Asia, is critical. The traditional “one-product-fits-all” offering has proven to be less effective as the global market and consumers have evolved. The Radius team provides research capabilities which they utilise to gather key insights into the user experience and critical design aspects to enhance the product’s potential for success in any market.

Some eye-opening projects include a trendy, foldable mouse that is now exhibited at the US Museum of Modern Art; a waterproof mechanical jacket for industry-use tablets with advanced features for use by doctors and nurses in hospitals, and an instant water-filtering drinking bottle. To meet business needs, Radius plans to double their staff from 20 to 40 by 2016.

“We are constantly looking for experienced staff with both engineering and design background, whom we call ‘hybrids’ — people having broad skill sets that span the product development process and facilitate the overlapping of the research/design/engineering functions, which in turn spark innovation. We hire both local and overseas candidates to create diversity in our team,” Ko said.

By leveraging InvestHK’s services and Hong Kong Science Park’s network, Ko’s ambition is to increase the firm’s capacity as one of Asia’s top design firms, providing thought leadership and world-class product development solutions.

Friday, July 10, 2015

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Fast Facts

  • Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, US
  • Provides consulting and product design innovation services from concept all the way to manufacturing implementation

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