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German Data Analytics Startup Sets Up RHQ in Hong Kong

Seerene opened regional headquarters in Hong Kong in February 2016 as part of its Asia-Pacific expansion plan

Potsdam-based data analytics company Seerene has set up its newest regional headquarters in Hong Kong. According to CEO Oliver Muhr, Hong Kong was the company’s top choice as a strategic location for its regional Asian hub.

German Data Analytics Startup Sets Up RHQ in Hong Kong

“Hong Kong is a vibrant city with a deep pool of talent comprised of an ideal mix of locals and expats. With its reliable legal system and international financial-hub status, it provides immediate access to financial institutions and global corporations — which represent our target customers. The city features all the ingredients we need to cultivate our presence in Asia, including InvestHK, a group that was highly recommended to us by our business partners. We are thrilled to be gaining their valuable resources and expertise,” Muhr said.

“We plan to recruit more local talent and channel partners in Hong Kong to support our expansion in the region. The initial target markets include Mainland China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and India — countries for which software development and outsourcing are key focus areas,” he added.

Seerene offers a comprehensive platform that analyses the data of complex software infrastructures and represents them visually to increase transparency and productivity. These revolutionary insights into mission-critical software help enterprises, information technology (IT) services companies, and regulators gain visibility into code.

Seerene has the potential to be transformative for any company in any industry. Take, for example, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, the largest global manufacturer of printing presses. Heidelberger utilizes Prinect, a complete workflow management system, to increase the quality and reliability of the printing process. Unlike the printing presses, however, the Prinect software cannot be physically assessed, so Heidelberger turned to Seerene’s solution to gain full visibility into their infrastructure. The result was a dramatic increase in both speed of development (by a factor of 10) as well as quality of code. Seerene enabled Heidelberger to pinpoint areas of their infrastructure that could be streamlined to free up additional resources.

Similarly, Seerene has helped biotech company QIAGEN N.V. monitor about 20 metrics and key performance indicators in order to analyse and visualize application development in real-time. These capabilities have allowed the QIAGEN team to quickly identify development trouble spots and take immediate remedial action, such as reducing function complexity or decreasing the number of parameters.

“Just as X-ray images are used for diagnostic purposes in the medical field, we can now use imaging in software development,” says QIAGEN’s Associate Director of Software Stefan Küsters.

Seerene’s solutions have likewise helped an impressive array of clients on the global stage, including SAP, IBM, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, the Generali Group, and other global Fortune 1000 companies.

Monday, September 26, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • Established in Hong Kong in February 2016
  • Headquartered in Potsdam, Germany
  • Provides insights and analytics into mission-critical software for insights into applications, code and teams

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