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Get a Taste of Shaanxi Flavour

Authentic Shaanxi cuisine is gaining popularity, with two outlets opened in Hong Kong within two years

The three co-founders of Chang’An Taste come from Shaanxi Province and graduated from a local university in 2011. They enjoyed everything that Hong Kong offers but sorely missed the indigenous Shaanxi cuisine. They then came up with the idea of setting up Chang’An Taste, a fast food shop with “rou jia mo” (i.e. meat burger) as the signature snack of their first shop which was opened in Hong Kong in 2014.

Get a Taste of Shaanxi Flavour

Localised Recipe

Rou jia mo originates from Shaanxi Province and is a widely consumed street food in Mainland China. The recipe created in the province dates back to over a thousand years ago and the team has taken a rigorous approach in market and product research. “To ensure our recipe is as authentic as possible, we visited almost every Shaanxi-style restaurants in Xi’an and Hong Kong before coming up with the present recipe which maintains the traditional Shaanxi flavour yet accommodating to local taste,” Davie Wang, one of the co-founders, said.

Opened in August 2014, Chang’An Taste’s first shop is located in the vibrant street food scene in Hung Hom. On the first day of business, their meat burgers were sold out in just one and a half hours. The continuous encouraging market response led to the opening of their second branch in Western District in May 2015, adding another popular Shaanxi snack named Liangpi, Chinese-style cold noodles with chili oil and sesame sauce served in individual small packs to cater for customers’ different levels of spice tolerance.

While spices and seasonings are ordered and shipped directly from Shaanxi, most of the ingredients in Chang’An Taste’s recipes, including meats and greens, are sourced locally. According to the team, food safety is definitely a priority. “Hong Kong is not only well known for its food variety and quality, but also its efforts in ensuring food safety through collaboration among the government, food suppliers and consumers,” said another co-founder, Neil Han.

Having resided in Hong Kong for almost a decade, the three founders find the city a dynamic and convenient place to work and live. Looking ahead, Chang’An Taste plans to expand by establishing takeaway outlets to add an even faster and convenient supply of Shaanxi flavour to the local food scene.

Monday, October 3, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • Operates two outlets in Hung Hom and Western District
  • Offers authentic Shaanxi food including rou jia mo and Liangpi

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