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Hong Kong — A Magnet for Building a Collaborative Community

The global movement of startups has created a new office culture where success is about sharing and being part of a collaborative community, and that spirit is clearly reflected in workspaces created by WeWork around the world

The company, founded in New York in 2010 and now employing 1,400 staff globally, offers flexible office space rental. Its first workspace in Hong Kong opened in Causeway Bay on 1 October and joined a portfolio of more than 100 physical locations in 32 cities of 12 countries while another opening is planned for Wanchai.

Hong Kong — A Magnet for Building a Collaborative Community

“In just a few short years, Hong Kong has become a magnet — angel investors, venture capitalists, and young entrepreneurs from around the world have been attracted by the business-friendly climate. In addition, as an economic centre, this city is a place where East meets West, leading to a real diverse culture that is full of energy and passion,” Henek Lo, General Manager (Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea) of WeWork, said.

WeWork has chosen its Causeway Bay and Wanchai locations because of their proximity to transportation, headquarters of major corporations, and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Great Degree of Flexibility

WeWork’s workspaces offer private offices for teams of one to more than 100, and there are also options of a dedicated desk or a hot desk. Conference rooms of various sizes can be booked online or through a specially designed app. The interior features glass walls that maintain privacy without sacrificing transparency or natural light, and common spaces offer different types of seating.

Customers are referred to as “members” and they enjoy a host of office essentials such as high-speed Internet access and wifi, onsite staff and use of printing equipment, as well as benefits including free micro-roasted coffee, tea, fruit water and beer.

“WeWork’s mission is to give members the space, community and services they need to create their life’s work, while helping them collaborate with like-minded people who can help their businesses grow and succeed,” Lo explained.

To facilitate this goal, WeWork organises events for members, such as “Lunch + Learn” for knowledge sharing, one-on-one sessions with investors and industry leaders, weekly happy hours and networking opportunities. Members can also access WeWork’s services and facilities while on the road.

“More than 70 percent of WeWork’s members collaborate with each other and its international locations serve as convenient bases for business travel, enabling a great degree of work flexibility for both multinationals and small-to-medium-sized businesses alike, as well as options for easy expansion into new markets,” Lo said.

Other than startups and smaller businesses, WeWork has also served well-known names such as Delta, IBM, KPMG, GE, Dropbox and Samsung. The company’s diverse clientele is one of the reasons why Hong Kong is a strategic hub for its expansion.

“We’ve always wanted to come to Asia, and Hong Kong is a natural part of that. Hong Kong has always been home to big, multinational businesses and an innovative workforce, and is becoming a hub for startup activity as well. We think Hong Kong holds tremendous promise for WeWork,” Lo concluded.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • Offers flexible office space rental from 100 physical locations in 32 cities of 12 countries
  • Other than startups and smaller businesses, clients include well-known names such as Delta, IBM, KPMG, GE, Dropbox and Samsung

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