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Hong Kong: The Perfect Location for Seamless Communication around the Globe

A leading provider of strategic IT solutions and private cloud services to the hedge fund and investment industry offers round-the-clock global support from Hong Kong

Headquartered in Boston, Eze Castle Integration launched its Hong Kong office in 2012 with a small team to mainly provide IT back up support to the UK and US clients with remote offices in Hong Kong. Over the past four years, the brand also started serving local firms and has gradually established its reputation in the market. Now the office has expanded to nine staff members offering IT support and award-winning Eze Private Cloud services to the hedge fund and investment industry.

Hong Kong: The Perfect Location for Seamless Communication around the Globe

Global Presence, Local Leadership

With presence in major financial centres including Boston, New York, Chicago, Dallas, London, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Singapore and Stamford, Hong Kong plays a strategic role in completing the geographic puzzle by providing 24x7x365 days support to a wealth of global clients complementing with the other offices around the world.

Being an important international financial hub, Hong Kong offers a host of opportunities for the company to cultivate their business. Its clientele include not only the established financial related firms, but also an increasing number of Mainland financial businesses entering the market. This enables Eze Castle Integration to further deploy their expertise for a broader client base. Also, a local team that understands the culture builds up a better interaction and engagement with clients.

“The city has a very strong talent pool. A lot of them have international exposure with working experience for multinational firms. And, it is not difficult to find talent who is bilingual or even trilingual. Language skill is crucial to our success as we support clients speaking a range of foreign languages — seamless communications with the best level of service is the key,” Dean Hill, Executive Director said. “Most importantly, we believe that the local office should be led by a local leader who knows the market inside-out with extensive connection and network that can help the company to grow.”

Eze Castle Integration appreciated the assistance from InvestHK who has been continuously looking after the local office since its launch and introduced them to numerous industry events.“InvestHK, local industry organisations and associations play an important role in helping our company to set up and develop smoothly in the city,” added Michael Leung, Director.

Monday, July 11, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • Headquartered in Boston with nine offices around the world
  • Offers IT support and award-wining private cloud services to the hedge fund and investment industry around the globe

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