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Hong Kong – The Perfect Place to Set Up a One-stop Maritime Chain

Huayang Maritime Center established its subsidiary in Hong Kong to make the one-stop maritime industry chain for the group complete

Headquartered in Beijing, Huayang Maritime Center (HMC) was founded by China Maritime Service Center (CMSC) in February 1995. Having established 30 invested companies covering major coastal cities in Mainland China, HMC has a total of 8,000 seafarers and agencies in different countries including Singapore and Myanmar. Driven by market demand, the company expands its business covering ship operation, ship management, training and manning of crew to offer highly efficient global cargo shipping services.

Hong Kong – The Perfect Place to Set Up a One-stop Maritime Chain

In 2013, HMC set up an office in Hong Kong, which plays an integral role in operation and management. The Hong Kong office acts as a ship owner while also co-ordinates with the group’s crew manning and shipping agents services. The other affiliated companies in Mainland China focus on ship management, the provision of labour service and development of information industry. Together with the ship repair services and seafarers recruitment by agencies in Singapore and Myanmar respectively, HMC forms a complete chain covering all aspects of the maritime industry.

“We are glad to see that the ship registration in Hong Kong has crossed the 100 million gross tonnage mark in 2015. As a maritime hub in Asia, Hong Kong is very attractive to Mainland enterprises with its robust maritime policies and low tax regime,” Li Yong Zheng, Managing Director of Hua Yang (Hong Kong) Shipping Ltd said.

Under the Belt and Road Initiative, the maritime industry in Hong Kong is expected to be more thriving. “There will be an increase in infrastructure projects and low-cost sea transportation will be mostly adopted, hence providing us the opportunities to go global.” Li added. Hua Yang (Hong Kong) Shipping Ltd now has a fleet of nine ships in Hong Kong and has a long term goal of expanding to over 20 ships, in order to achieve more flexibility in operation and grasp the opportunities brought about by this exciting initiative. In addition, the company is planning to hire more staff to cater for business expansion.

InvestHK has assisted HMC to co-ordinate with the Marine Department and the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board in regards to marine-related policies. “The Hong Kong government has been very supportive and created a pro-business environment in the city. InvestHK and the other government departments have been supporting us from ship registration to staff recruitment, making every process very efficient and easy,” Li concluded.

Monday, October 3, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • Founded by China Maritime Service Center (CMSC) in February 1995
  • The Hong Kong office acts as a ship owner and plays an integral role in the operation and management of Huayang Maritime Center (HMC)

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