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Leading Creativity and Innovation from Hong Kong

UK digital creative agency AnalogFolk strengthens the strategic role of its Hong Kong office for expansion in Asia

AnalogFolk’s Hong Kong team has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2015. Being the first office in Asia, the two Hong Kong-based founders planned their start-up over a series of meetings in a coffee shop before taking co-work space at Blueprint in Quarry Bay. Today, the London-based global digital creative agency has a team of 20 staff in Hong Kong, taking up half of a commercial building floor in bustling Causeway Bay. “We expect to double the number of staff over the next 12 months,” said Christopher Ryan, Managing Director and Partner, Asia.

Leading Creativity and Innovation  from Hong Kong

While the team has expanded significantly in the region, their role has also evolved. “Given our size in the early days, the AnalogFolk Hong Kong team started out in a supporting role for their team in London, but quickly grew to provide real strategic partnership to our other offices and clients.”

AnalogFolk’s network is strategic partner to a number of global consumer brands such as Pernod Ricard, Nike and Dyson, which explains why the agency needs a presence in Hong Kong. “Initially, we set up here to support our global client business. There are still many multi-national companies who have their APAC operations based in Hong Kong. Our appointment as Pernod Ricard’s digital agency of choice for Asia came only one year after our birth. This year we were appointed as Steelcase’s digital creative agency for APAC.” Ryan said.

We have also seen a fast-growing start-up culture here in the last couple of years, which gives us great faith in Hong Kong’s future,” he said. “One of our clients – Biorna Quantics – is one of them. They are trail blazers, and an inspiration to work with.”

“Our agency model allows us to be consistent in our strategic and creative strength in every region. The Hong Kong office for Asia is no exception. There are some global projects in which we play the role of creative lead from this office,” added Harry Llufrio, Executive Creative Director and Partner, Asia.

According to Ryan, what makes AnalogFolk unique is the entrepreneurial business model: directors of each office have invested in the business they run, and are given the freedom to create a business almost from the ground up – in line with our global mission, but also in line with the region’s special needs. This model reinforces our start-up mindset and attitude. It also makes being in business more fun,” he said.

AnalogFolk sees a great potential for creative industries in the Asia market. Many global clients realise that they need to invest more in Asia as home markets mature. There is still a huge amount of untouched potential, generating a big demand for agencies that can provide innovative digital solutions.

To support the expansion plan in Asia, Ryan believes that it is vital for AnalogFolk to have people from Hong Kong and Mainland China in the team, and he is confident in the talent pool here. There are a lot of graduates here who have been educated in international schools and universities; their understanding of local culture is balanced with a strong international perspective. “They have also caught the startup bug and proven to be tenacious in their enthusiasm for learning. We want that startup mentality in our outfit,” he enthused.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • A digital creative agency founded in 2008 and headquartered in London
  • With offices in London, New York, Portland, Sydney, AnalogFolk opened its first Asia office in Hong Kong in 2015
  • Currently has 20 employees in Hong Kong, the company expects to double the number of staff in the next 12 months

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