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Linking Hong Kong and Australia with Quality Education

The University of Wollongong extends its global network to Hong Kong and partners with local institution to offer world-class degree programmes

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is one of Australia’s top universities with close to 6,000 international students each year studying at its Australian campuses. Ranking among the top two percent of universities in the world, UOW has built an international reputation for providing career-focus degree programmes underpinned by partnership with industry as well as top-notch facilities.

Linking Hong Kong and Australia with Quality Education

In July 2015, UOW took over stewardship of Community College of City University (CCCU) in Hong Kong, which has been renamed as UOW College Hong Kong and become part of the UOW global network of higher education institutions.

According to Marisa Mastroianni, Group Chief Executive Officer, the education infrastructure in Hong Kong has made an ideal location for UOW to launch quality academic programmes. “Hong Kong provides a high standard and well-regulated education system with presence of many world-class institutions,” she said, “this supports and aligns with UOW’s reputation for delivering quality programmes to students across its multiple campus locations.”

“The legislative framework for the regulation of higher and professional education in Hong Kong is mature and robust, with Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications assuring high education standards,” she added.

Mastroianni also finds Hong Kong an excellent destination to develop education business. “Quality education in Hong Kong is highly regarded, and globally the city remains an attractive and reputable education destination among other places,” she remarked.

UOW College Hong Kong now offers over 30 Associate Degrees in the disciplines of accountancy and finance, aviation, creative media and design, engineering, information technology and psychology, to name a few. To complement these programmes, the college also offers related UOW top-up degrees for students to complete their Bachelor programmes.

The partnership between UOW and CCCU not only benefits students with a unique Hong Kong-Australian education experience, but also furthers UOW’s strategic goal in establishing presence in Northeast Asia. Mastroianni said, “as we are planning to introduce new programmes in Mainland China and Taiwan, having a footprint in Hong Kong and building on the brand locally will facilitate the future expansion into these locations.”

To continue to deliver quality education, UOW College Hong Kong is now in the process of planning for a new purpose-built campus in Tai Wai with new campus facility to provide students with a sophisticated learning environment.

InvestHK has been facilitating UOW’s set up in Hong Kong at its initial stage, and Mastroianni finds the assistance very useful. “The experience of working with the InvestHK team has been very positive and beneficial for us in establishing close links between Hong Kong and Australia,” she concluded.

Monday, November 20, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Established in 1975, UOW is an Australian university located in Wollongong, New South Wales
  • In 2015, UOW took stewardship and governance of the Community College of City University and established UOW College Hong Kong, offering associate and bachelor degree programmes
  • UOW College Hong Kong currently has around 240 academic and 60 administrative staff in Hong Kong with a student population of 6,000

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