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Live with Passion

Lin Shiao Tung, a jewellery brand from Taiwan, hopes to use Hong Kong as a stepping stone to expand its presence in Asia and beyond — even to the American and European markets

Since its inception over 16 years ago, Lin Shiao Tung Jewellery has won numerous international awards. The company currently has six stores in Taiwan, and recently opened in Hong Kong as “Shiao”. Originated from the name of founder and designer Lin Shiao Tung, the word “Shiao” means “dawn” in Chinese, referring to the original intention of the brand. Further expansions of the company are underway in Suzhou and Shanghai. Lin Shiao Tung Jewellery chose the “store-within-a-store” business model and is currently located in a major books and lifestyle store that also recently expanded in Hong Kong.

Live with Passion

“Hong Kong is a city where tradition meets modernity. I see so much multi-cultural creativity here, featuring a mixture of western and eastern cultures, echoing the ideas for my jewellery design. There is a great mix of international jewellery brands here, and Hong Kong people are passionate about fashion and art, hence presenting an excellent opportunity for creative and innovative brands like ours,” Lin Shiao Tung said.

Jewellery for Everyday and Special Occasions

The company’s roots date back to an exhibition launched in 1999, when Lin Shiao Tung rented a 140-square metre exhibition space at a bookstore’s gallery in Taipei to display his jewellery design, which was conceived more than 10 years earlier. This exhibition was a launch pad for Lin to subsequently retail his products at several leading department stores in Taiwan.

The jewellery industry continually evolves with new techniques and materials. According to Lin, consumers’ tastes have also changed — for example, Chinese people nowadays prefer designs that can be worn everyday as well as on special occasions. As a result, Lin Shiao Tung decided to set up his own eponymous brand in 2000 to better adapt to the latest lifestyle preferences, so that customers possess not only the jewellery but also its meaning behind. “All of my jewellery has a story to tell,” Lin said.

Lin appreciated InvestHK’s support in providing practical advice, government regulations and updated information on Hong Kong. “This allowed us to fully focus on our core business and serve our new and existing clients who come to visit our new store,” Lin concluded.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • Established eponymous brand and atelier in 2000
  • The jewellery brand in Taiwan with the highest number of design patents and created over 1,000 pieces of jewellery

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