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Redefining Testing

Australian independent testing firm, AccessHQ, is leveraging on Hong Kong being a regional ICT and business hub to promote its new quality assurance concepts across Asia.

AccessHQ (formerly called Access Testing) came to Hong Kong in 2011 after winning a web accessibility design contract from the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. Since then, it has started to attract more clients from other sectors, including airlines, banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, to benefit from its testing and quality assurance services including, but not limited to requirement quality assurance, performance, automation, mobile, web accessibility, usability and security testing.

Indeed, testing is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the company’s services. “Testing and quality assurance are interlinked with the aim to achieve efficiency and to improve user experience,” Federico Favini, Country Manager, AccessHQ, explained.

Redefining Testing

There is no limit in pursuit of quality. “Nowadays, information security is a growing concern around the world,” Favini said. In 2013, the company was selected as one of the primary contractors to provide independent testing, security risk assessment and audit services for all Hong Kong SAR Government departments. The business is developing fast that the company has recently expanded its security services team to better serve its clients on top of government departments.

Nurturing Local IT Sector

“Hong Kong has excellent ICT networks and vibrant business scene, which provide a good test bed to challenge the security threshold of large organisations’ IT systems and identify the loopholes before a regional and international launches,” Favini revealed.

“Hong Kong is AccessHQ’s Asian hub. Having a presence in the city allows us to penetrate into other markets more easily, especially Mainland China, which is our next logical step,” Favini added. The Hong Kong office now has 20 staff. It is expanding to double the size, including adding local headcounts under the security services team as well as recruiting more interns under its Graduate Tester Programme in partnership with local universities.

The company welcomes talent from different fields and backgrounds to join so as to enrich its industry experiences. It will offer a variety of training opportunities, for example, sending staff members to ethical hacker courses to learn various simulated system breakdown situations, to find the loopholes and get solutions.

Quality Assurance and Human Quality

To resonate with its enhanced business scope, the company recently underwent a major rebranding from former Access Testing to current AccessHQ, to incorporate the elements of assurance, testing and human quality into its branding and service propositions. “Testing has been commoditised to such an extent that the industry is blindly pursuing functional tick box testing at the expense of quality. But quality is our primary focus, and technology is there to serve people. Therefore, it is obvious that all technology should have a human quality that ultimately results in satisfied and loyal customers,” Favini elaborated.

InvestHK’s ICT team has been helping AccessHQ expand into the Hong Kong market. InvestHK has proven to be a great partner. We’ll continue to expand our team of professionals as well as their skills and certifications in Hong Kong,” Favini enthused.

Monday, January 12, 2015

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Fast Facts

  • Independent IT testing and quality assurance firm from Australia, set up in 1995
  • Five offices in Australia and one in Hong Kong
  • Employs over 400 professional testing staff worldwide

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