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The Picture that Tells a Legend

A legend has arrived in Hong Kong to set up a second home, and the name is Studio Harcourt

Created in 1934 through collaboration between Cosette Harcourt, two Lacroix brothers and Nina Ricci’s son, Robert, the brand is world-famous for its distinctive glamourous black-and-white portraits inspired by the golden era of cinema. A long list of 20th and 21st centuries’ movie stars and celebrities, including ones from Hong Kong, have been immortalised in the Paris studio.

The Picture that Tells a Legend

After almost one year in the making, Studio Harcourt Hong Kong is open to offer the legendary experience, the first and only outside of France. “The team from Studio Harcourt in Paris believes that Hong Kong people are very sensitive to art and photography, and love the sense of a unique experience,” Gaël de Dorlodot, Managing Director, said.

“And, of course, Hong Kong is ideally located; it is very convenient for people to come from all over Asia. The next step will naturally be China, and being in Hong Kong, we can start to tell the story to Mainland Chinese traveling to the city. It was quite obvious to us that we had to be here.”

The idea of bringing Harcourt to Hong Kong was sparked by a pop-up studio set up at the IFC and Four Seasons Hong Kong in 2012, which generated very positive response. Gaël said that the “once-in-a-lifetime portrait” experience complements all the luxury brands already present in the city.

All of Studio Harcourt’s signature experiences are offered in Hong Kong. The Prestige Portrait, for example, is a two-hour session including professional make-up and a personal presentation. It can be enjoyed by an individual, a couple or a small group. The Fashion and Legend Day is a full-day experience where the guest is the star, with an exquisite wardrobe prepared for the session and an artistic team dedicated to make every moment special. Guests will receive selected prints with the “Harcourt Paris” signature embossed and an edition number assigned.

These offerings are in addition to the three-quarter-length Instant Portrait, and the French photography studio is now offering a series of new experiences including sessions designed specially for wedding parties and high-powered executives.

Studio Harcourt in Hong Kong strictly follows guidelines set forth by the Paris studio, from the ritual of receiving guests to the signature Tungsten lighting used in shoots. Two among the small full-time team of four are lighting assistants. “It’s a high-technicity job because at Studio Harcourt, the light is as important as the photography,” Gaël said.

There are three freelance photographers, all trained in Paris, working with Studio Harcourt Hong Kong, in addition to two freelance make-up artists. Gaël hopes to seek out more talent, especially locally, as the business expands, and grow the freelance pool to about a dozen. Once Hong Kong is on track, she is looking to open an operation in Macau.

The studio is partnering with luxury department stores and brands to offer preferred guests the Studio Harcourt experience as an exclusive gift, and it is also seeking to partner with high-profile events to build up the Studio Harcourt story in Hong Kong.

Monday, December 11, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • A tradition originated in Paris and world-famous for its distinctive glamourous black-and-white portraits inspired by the golden era of cinema
  • Hong Kong is Studio Harcourt’s first location outside of France

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