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UK Conservation Architect to Revitalise Central Police Station

PURCELL, a UK architecture firm has a family of many experts: architects, interior designers, heritage leaders and specialist consultants. From its roots in the UK, and since 2010 well-established in the Asia Pacific region, they undertake projects across eight core sectors, principal among these being high-end residential and hospitality, educational and cultural. Their strategy is to place their teams locally or regionally so that they are well versed in the distinctive character of a place. This is especially important at a time when regional architecture is at risk of being lost due to globalisation.

UK Conservation Architect to Revitalise Central Police Station

Much of their work is focussed on the revitalisation of existing buildings, which is gaining momentum more widely as heritage is more appreciated and sustainability and economics are driving development decisions. Finding new uses for existing buildings, or adapting them to keep pace with modern expectations, are key parts of Purcell’s expertise. Its project portfolio includes some of the best-known buildings globally, ranging from a number of World Heritage sites to national treasures such as the National Gallery, National Maritime Museum, British Museum, Westminster Abbey, all in London, to the former Central Police Station and The Helena May Club, both in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club invited the firm in 2008 to prepare a Conservation Management Plan for the former Central Police Station (CPS). The plan involved in-depth research to propose how the historical buildings, based on existing features and characteristics, could be transformed into a centre of heritage, arts and leisure facilities.

“During our initial visit to Hong Kong, we were struck with the ease of doing business, the buoyancy of the economy, the growing interest in conservation and the available means with which to fund it – all in addition to Hong Kong’s proximity to important markets in the South East Asia region,” Brian Anderson, Managing Partner said. Therefore, instead of setting up a single-project office, the firm decided to establish a permanent office in Hong Kong.

Over the past 10 years, the firm has expanded in the Asia Pacific region, opening offices in New Delhi, Melbourne and Sydney. Hong Kong continues to serve clients in Mainland China, Singapore and Myanmar. Moving forward in the Asia Pacific region and in Hong Kong, PURCELL have expanded into offering interior design as they seek to diversify and explore new markets.

At PURCELL, architectural conservation matters to the cultural and economic development of a city. They also think that the concept of “smart” cities is partly related to how “liveable” the cities are, and that they are measured on how easily people can travel, work and relax, and the sense of identity that people feel. By managing change sensitively, cities can evolve in a way that meets people’s needs, and prosper.

Monday, July 10, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • Award-winning conservation architect established in London in 1947
  • Looking to diversify and explore new markets

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