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Valet Storage Makes its Debut

With its own warehouse and fleet, O2O (online-to-offline) logistics service provider Klosit finds increasing demand for its unique valet storage services in Hong Kong

Klosit is a consumer valet storage platform service providing personal storage solutions with strong plastic containers and a full range of pick-up, storage and delivery services. Having established in Hong Kong for merely one year, the company has expanded to 20 staff.

Despite the important role played by the website in its business model, Klosit regards itself as a logistics company with a website and not the other way around because the founders and management count with over 30 years in the logistics business in Switzerland and Hong Kong, and they are leveraging on such experience to roll out the Klosit service. The company’s centralised storage warehouse includes 24 hours security system, temperature controlled and pest-free facilities, and door-to-door delivery and collection. It is dedicated to providing a time-saving and comfortable living environment to customers.

Valet Storage Makes its Debut

An Ideal Place for O2O Business

High percentage of Internet users and lack of household space in the city have attracted Klosit to choose Hong Kong as the first city to launch their business. According to wearesocialsg’s statistics, 5.75 million people in Hong Kong are active Internet users.

“Hong Kong is ideal for Klosit and has been used as our launching site because of our local market knowledge and existing facilities. Having a population in excess of seven million people, compact living space and a high-income population, Hong Kong provides all the prerequisites for the adoption of valet storage,” Riccardo Fuochi, Founder of Klosit, said.

“Our interactions via social media and website facilitate product discovery. Also, the ‘online payment and offline fulfilment’ business model is very different from today’s mini storage concept which is fully offline,” he added.

A new concept in the region, valet storage enables customers to schedule an appointment with Klosit and its driver will deliver the boxes right to the customer’s door for packing. Every box comes with a unique password printed on a security seal. The client can snap a photo of the contents in the box before he locks up the security seal. Then he can upload the photos to his secured account, manage his boxes and retrieve them any time.

As valet storage is a new product in the region, it will take some time for users to learn and understand. Frequent travellers, expatriates, young couples and collectors and sports lovers constitute the customer base of Klosit at the moment. Shortly after its debut in Hong Kong, Klosit was greeted with encouraging market response and it was named the Best Storage Service in the 2015 Best of the Best Awards organised by an online media brand.

In 2016, the company plans to introduce the service to commercial clients and is adding wine and art storage into its portfolio. “We also target to expand the service into two new markets in the first half of 2016,” Fuochi said.

InvestHK’s overseas consultant in Italy and the Transport and Industrial team have worked together to offer one-stop support for Klosit since its early stage. “The environment makes setting up very easy and there’s no red-tape to cause confusion. The quality of workforce is also second to none with the opportunity to hire English speaking staff, including working-level employees such as drivers and delivery staff,” he concluded.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

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Fast Facts

  • Chose Hong Kong as the first city for launching the service globally
  • Provides O2O logistics and storage services via smart devices

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