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Well-positioned in Hong Kong for Success

International law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner seizes opportunities for the city’s vast development in real estate, infrastructure and transportation, especially under the Belt and Road initiative.

Berwin Leighton Paisner (BLP) is an international law firm with over 200 partners based across 14 international offices, providing legal services for global clients including Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. Since its Hong Kong office opened in 2011, the firm has established a strong reputation for advising on real estate, infrastructure, transportation and energy in the region.

Well-positioned in Hong Kong for Success

Sitting in their new office in Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay, Andrew MacGeoch, Head of Asia Real Estate and Infrastructure and Global Head of Hotels Group, said that Hong Kong is an ideal location for BLP’s areas of focus. “Hong Kong is a very mature hub for professional services, whether it’s legal, accounting and tax, as well as finance. We also see a lot of capital flowing from Asia to Europe and the US. The city is a good focal point for business.”

“Hong Kong still produces better offerings and opportunities for seasoned and mature investors who want to purchase good quality legal service. We have been a great beneficiary of that.” He added.

According to Bob Charlton, Partner, Head of Asia, the significant growth of real estate, infrastructure and transportation in North Asia will continue to develop over the next 20 years with the Mainland’s Belt and Road initiative in place. “We want to be as well-positioned and relevant as we can be, so as to take advantages of the major transactions in the next decade,” said Charlton.

Recently, the HKSAR government has made a welcoming move for the aircraft leasing industry by lowering the corporate tax for aircraft lessors. Charlton pointed out that the tax incentives provide a good opportunity for law firms like BLP. “There is a massive market for airline leasing and purchasing in Mainland China that will carry on for a very long time,” he remarked, “the tax incentive will definitely benefit Mainland Chinese airlines and the development of its aviation business in general. We’ve made a very good choice in positioning our transport focus team here in Hong Kong.”

“InvestHK is a useful conduit for communicating initiatives and policies for many brands who want to come to Hong Kong,” remarked MacGeoch, “even for some of the most down to earth assistance like setting up, getting visas, they can do that expeditiously and properly. Their support has been very helpful for overseas investors.”

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Fast Facts

  • An international law firm based in UK
  • BLP has three offices in Asia – Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Opened in 2011, the Hong Kong office currently has 70 staff and is expected to grow in the next few years

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