WWF and foodpanda Hong Kong to Launch the First-ever Closed Loop Reusable Food Packaging Programme - ECF: Choose to Reuse
Acknowledging the volume of single-use plastic container consumption associated with food takeaway and with the support of Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF), WWF-Hong Kong and foodpanda Hong Kong launched “ECF: Choose to Reuse”, the first-ever closed-loop reusable packaging pilot programme for delivery platforms in Hong Kong. In its pilot phase, foodpanda Hong Kong will provide 8,000 reusable food containers to participating restaurant partners. Users can choose the dishes with reusable container options and return the containers at nine different collection points. 
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WWF與foodpanda香港合作 推出全港首個可重用餐具回收先導計劃

近年外賣的普及化令即棄餐盒的使用率明顯上升,為積極應對挑戰,減少使用即棄塑膠,在環境及自然保育基金的支持下,世界自然基金會香港分會 (WWF) 與foodpanda香港合作,推出全港首個可重用餐具回收先導計劃「環保基金:走塑從『揀』開始」。合作首階段將提供8,000個可重用餐盒,用戶可在foodpanda指定合作餐廳上選擇提供可重用餐盒的菜式,其後到各區九個回收點歸還餐盒即可。詳情...

WWF and foodpanda Hong Kong to Launch the First-ever Closed Loop Reusable Food Packaging Programme - ECF: Choose to Reuse

Food Made Good HK Awards 2022 on Stage to Celebrate Sustainability and Best Practice
(29 Nov)

The Food Made Good HK Awards is an annual celebration to recognise restaurants and foodservice businesses whose accomplishments in the last year have driven progress in the industry and demonstrated their sustainable operation and best practice from how they source their food, to how they dispose of it.
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Food Made Good HK 2022 大獎
表揚可持續發展和最佳實踐 (11月29日)
一年一度的Food Made Good HK大獎旨在表揚食肆和餐飲服務行業在過去一年,推動行業進步的成就,並展示了他們在採購和處理食物方面的可持續運營和最佳做法。

Hong Kong FinTech Week
(31 Oct - 4 Nov) Pushing Boundaries, Reaping Benefits

Hong Kong FinTech Week
(31 Oct - 4 Nov)
Pushing Boundaries, Reaping Benefits

Learn from the iconic global leaders and like-minded people in the world. Hear from the executives, thinkers, regulators, creators and disruptors who are driving this new era of rapid transformation of FinTech. 
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與全球傑出領袖同步 把握未來金融
發展趨勢 HONG KONG FINTECH WEEK (10月31日至11月4日)


Returning to the Asian Food Table at HOFEX (10-12 May 2023)
HOFEX 2023 is expecting to return to the HKCEC with more global industry peers like you! High-profile F&B buyers such as importers, wholesalers, retailers, restauranteurs and hoteliers are now back to the table with gusto, ready to make a new leap forward! If you are looking to reconnect with F&B peers from Hong Kong, the Greater China and beyond, HOFEX 2023 will be your best choice! More details…

國際食品餐飲及酒店設備展 (HOFEX) (2023年5月10-12日)

HOFEX 2023 將於5月10至12日假香港會議展覽中心盛大回歸,而隨着香港政府取消酒店強制檢疫措施,我們將迎來更多餐飲界的新舊朋友一同交流及創新,為亞洲餐飲業開啟新篇章!立即參展HOFEX 2023,與來自香港、中國甚至亞洲各地的高水準買家會面,包括進口商、批發商、零售商、餐廳和酒店經營者,開拓亞洲餐飲新商機!

Hong Kong Ranked Fourth in Global Financial Centres Index
Hong Kong ranked fourth globally in the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) 32 Report published on 22 September by the Z/Yen from the United Kingdom and the China Development Institute from Shenzhen.
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Hong Kong Ranked Fourth in Global Financial Centres Index
Extension of Pre-approved Principal Payment Holiday Scheme for Three Months
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, together with the Banking Sector SME Lending Coordination Mechanism, announced on 16 September that the Pre-approved Principal Payment Holiday Scheme will be extended for another three months to the end of January 2023.
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HKPC Launches BIZ Expands Easy (BEE) Funding Portal with BEE ePass Service
BEE is a one-stop integrated platform consolidating information of various government funding schemes, enabling different industry sectors to explore funding resources and support for business development.
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生產力局推出全新「資助易BIZ Expands Easy (BEE)」網上平台
香港生產力促進局推出全新「資助易BIZ Expands Easy (BEE)」網上平台及「資助通BEE ePass」服務,為企業及機構提供一站式政府資助申請渠道,旨在系統化並優化申請資助流程,進一步拓展政府資助支援平台,為業界接通無限機遇。詳情...


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